About Us


About Us

SS Enterprises is India’s Leading Manufacturer and Marketer of Footwear products and Finished Fine Quality Accessories. We are innovative and hardworking units to provides its customers the luxury experience of Quality Finished Products. SS Enterprises is the Leading Supplier of Footwear Accessories great build quality and economic price. We manufactured and craft products with the latest technologies and the best Quality materials to give an durable finished that fit to your products.


Values that we live by:

  • Highest Standards and Strong Customer Relationship
  • Passion for Perfection to ensure Customer Satisfaction
  • True Respect and Empowerment of Individuals
  • High Spirit through Constant Innovation
  • To know that we are about people
Our values :We follow ethics and trends to showing our passion to the product and customer Satisfaction .
Serve with Passion

We are passionate about delighting our customers and serving individual defines everything we do .It is this passion for what we do that sets us different from the our competitors .We are proud and encouraged by being part of a family with deeply held values . We have invested lots of time and work force to produces quality products . We like to win but not at all costs .We tech responsibility for how we impact many and diverse community in which we operates .


We are pioneers and we value individual with courage to change and to be prepared to fail sometimes . We have a healthy dissatisfaction for the status Quo . We encourage creativity and passion to do something Best . We are recognize curiosity and original thought . Innovation is the foundation of Our Company . We embrace the future but take time to learn from the past. We do what we say we will do and do not rest on our laurels. We celebrate success and value everyone’s unique contribution towards achieving the goal.

Exceed Customers Expectations

Whether it is products , processes or people we are not compromising when it come to quality . We belive to produce quality products that are easy to buy , exciting to wear and exceptional value . We strive to be the most responsible and efficient in all that we do it order to deliver the best value to our Customers . We operate where design, comfort and value meet. Delighting the diverse needs and preferences of our customers is our lifelong mission.